Are you always tired?

I get it, chronic fatigue and being tired all the time is frustrating. The three most common issues clients come to me with are low energy levels (chronic fatigue), unexplained weight gain and Type 2 Diabetes. All three of these issues have roots in poor blood sugar regulation. The body prioritizes maintaining blood sugar levels, and will give nutrients to the systems involved in regulating it first. This can cause nutrient deficiencies throughout the body, and in specific glands (especially the thyroid) needed for optimal energy levels. Digestive issues also play a role. If you are not properly digesting your food, you might not be getting enough of those key nutrients to start with. That is why we start with optimizing blood sugar regulation and digestion to improve energy levels. If needed we will also use functional blood chemistry labs to look for nutritional deficiencies or other issues causing your low energy levels. 

Improving blood sugar regulation and digestion is the first step for most people. However, each person is unique and needs to be worked with on an bio-individual basis. Here are some common root causes for chronic fatigue.

Low energy levels are not "just part of getting older". You are not alone if you are suffering from that afternoon slump or pesky sugar cravings.  You probably keep getting told the same old advice of "eat less and move more", or "calories in calories out". But that advice isn't working, and maybe it is even making you feel worse. 

"This process is amazing! Shea is very knowledgeable and helpful. Digestion, sleep, energy and over all health were improved by the changes and recommendations.  Life changing and I would highly recommend this process for anyone wanting to improve their health."

Dane W. 

"I went to Shea because I was having digestion issues, headaches, and pretty serious energy slumps. I’m 43 and am not ready to be slowing down! Within a few short months working with him, I feel the best I have in a decade. You will not be disappointed for taking control of your health! "

Kim A.

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How Can you Improve It?

It is my job to meet you where you are in your health journey, and come up with healthy and sustainable ideas to achieve your health goals. We will work together to make sure you are getting the right nutrients to improve Your specific symptoms. You will receive personalized diet recommendations and supplement protocols. Each client is unique and worked with following a bio-individual approach. We will work together to make simple changes to your diet to improve energy levels throughout the day. After going through my program you will have a sustainable plan and the knowledge necessary to improve your health.

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