Digestive Issues?

Do you avoid eating out, or avoid eating certain types of food because you are worried about the digestive reactions you will have? You are not alone, digestive issues are a real concern for a lot of people. You might be needing to go to the bathroom too much, or not going often enough. Maybe you get heartburn way too often? Are you bloated or gassy after meals? I get it, not being able to enjoy meals is frustrating, and can even be stressful. 

Read more below to learn how to improve your digestion and stop the unwanted issues like:

"This process is amazing! Shea is very knowledgeable and helpful. Digestion, sleep, energy and over all health were improved by the changes and recommendations.  Life changing and I would highly recommend this process for anyone wanting to improve their health."

Dane W. 

"I went to Shea because I was having digestion issues, headaches, and pretty serious energy slumps. I’m 43 and am not ready to be slowing down! Within a few short months working with him, I feel the best I have in a decade. You will not be disappointed for taking control of your health! "

Kim A.

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You might be surprised to find out that heartburn is caused by weak stomach acid, not by too much stomach acid. When your stomach acid is too weak it doesn't break down the food properly, causing the food to not move into the small intestine. After this happens the food and stomach acid can move back up into the esophagus. Here are some ideas to try to improve your stomach acid:

Gas or bloating after meals

There are a couple of reasons we suffer from gas or bloating after meals. The most common issue is eating too fast or eating in a distracted state. The other two main reasons are a little more complicated and have roots in "leaky gut", or a problem digesting certain types of foods. Some people have a hard time with foods that are easily fermented in the intestines by gut microbes. Leaky gut is usually caused by food not being broken down properly before it gets to the small intestine. Leaky gut can lead to food sensitivities and skin health problems like rashes. Here are some ideas to relieve gas or bloating after meals. 


Nothing is worse than having to go to the bathroom after almost every meal. There are a lot of reasons for diarrhea, and they are pretty unique to each individual. Some common reasons are food sensitivities, anxiety or a poor gut microbiome. People who have had their Gallbladder removed need to pay special attention to how they digest fat. Here are some ideas to improve diarrhea:


Constipation is usually from three different things. First is not enough of the right type of fiber and too little water intake. The next issue is a poor microbiome, that is the bacteria that live in your digestive tract, mostly in the large intestine. Another reason for constipation is you are not getting the right nutrients for your digestive process. Here are some ideas on how to improve constipation:

How to get rid of digestive issues for good!

When you work with me you will learn how to relieve your digestive issues for good. We will work together to figure out which foods you have reactions to and may need to avoid for awhile. We will then move onto healing your digestive tract by making sure you are getting the specific nutrients needed for your situation. Each person is different and there is no one size fits all cure for digestive issues. After just a few weeks working with me you will be amazed how much better your digestion is working. After going through my program you will have the knowledge to better choose foods that work for you and what actions to take if you start having digestive issues again. Visit our homepage to learn more about how Peak Nutritional Therapy can give you the life you deserve. 

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